Longstay Accomodation

    We understand the challenges of accommodating family members who want to be with you during your stay . Fortunately, our housing program can help. Here are some points to consider when deciding on the best housing options for your stay in Bangkok.

    • Your health insurance provider may cover local housing during your treatment. Check to see whether you have this type of coverage.
    • As a patient or family member, you have access to reduced rates at many local hotels. Contact Guest Services for more information or see our list of options for short-term housing.
    • Consider the special needs of any family members or caretakers who will need housing. If handicapped-accessibility is important, please clarify this when making arrangements.
    • Lower-cost housing often involves a waiting list, meaning reservations cannot be confirmed ahead of time. If you are on a waiting list, be sure to have a back-up plan, such as a local hotel reservation. When making hotel reservations, ask about cancellation policies.
    • Some properties cannot accommodate children, so be sure to inquire if your party includes a child. You may also consider specific housing options for pediatric patients.
    • Some accommodations do not have daily housekeeping services, restaurants, or concierge services, however, these options are typically less expensive than a hotel.
    • If you have hired a caregiver to assist you, a separate room may be required. Some facilities restrict the number of rooms one family can occupy. Be sure to clarify your needs with the individual property before your arrival.

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