Finescan 1550 laser


    Finescan 1550 is the latest fractional laser technology call “Auto Collimate dual axis 1550nm fractional laser” to decisively stimulate the body's own restorative processes and thus ew collagen in the deeper skin id formed with minimal skin injury. The superficial old damaged skin in the epidermal layer is replaced by the new healtheir skin underneath. As a result, Finescan gives a smoother and even more radiant looking to your skin. Comparing to the conventional fractional laser, the new Finescan 1550 has been particularly designed to manipulate specific target area without damaging surrounding tissue and without overheating the target by auto collimate technical. Thus,

    Finescan allows for a easier and less invasive procedure which lessens recovery times and side effects associated with other conventional fractional laser treatments. Finescan 1550 treatment is best for anyone suffering from acne scar, wrinkles near the eyes, enlarge facial pores and many kinds of skin disorders needed for skin resurfacing such as epidermal melasma. Moreover, it is benefical for skin rejuvenation which can be repeated if further unwanted changes occur to the skin. In clinical practice,

    Finescan 1550 is safely treated on the face, forehand, neck, hands and body. The number of treatments needed to acquire certain results will vary from patient to patient. Prior treatment discussion to a qualified dermatologist is suggestive. For acne scar treatment, 4-6 sessions may be needed. Impressively patients usually see their skin improvement immediately after the first treatment with the maximal result at the third month. The result will last as long as the skin is maintained and well taken care of over time. A dermatologist begins treatment by cleansing the skin and may apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the treatment area for about 45 minutes prior to treatment.

    Finescan 1550 is used to help the skin rejuvenate in the associated treatment area. Usually, the procedure concludes in about 5-20 minutes. The treatment area should be kept moistened and out of sun exposure. Sunscreen and protective clothing is suggested. Patients are usually able to return to daily activities right away. Makeup may be worn to help alleviate some of the redness to the skin if desired.


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