Ultherapy : Reduce Underarm Sweating

    Freedom from Sweat, Freedom From Worry

    Excessive Sweating: A Real Problem

    Many individuals suffer from excessive sweating for years before seeking professional help. In fact, most people are unaware that excessive sweating is a real medical condition or that it’s treatable! Over time, the costs of the condition bear a heavy load, both economically and emotionally. Bills for dry-cleaning, new clothes, medical-grade antiperspirants and protective devices all add up. But there is also a hidden cost in a lower quality of life.

    Store-bought “solutions” get uneven results at best. Short-lived medical treatments that require an annual doctor’s visit can help, but they still require a continued investment in time and money, which can add up over the years. Surgery is painful and expensive. Luckily, there’s another option!

    Ultherapy®: A Real Solution

    Now there’s Ultherapy a lasting approach to sweat reduction that in just two treatments significantly reduces underarm sweat non-invasively, safely and with no downtime!

    It's not a toxin. It's not surgery. It's ultrasound!

    How it Works

    Ultherapy. The Ideal Solution for Excessive Sweating

    Ultherapy is the only treatment for excessive underarm sweating that safely utilizes ultrasound imaging and focused ultrasound energy to specifically target the layer beneath the skin where sweat glands are found. And because it’s ultrasound, Ultherapy disables the sweat glands without disrupting the surrounding or surface tissues. As such, Ultherapy is an ideal treatment for non-invasively maximizing sweat reduction while minimizing side effects.

    Non-invasive. No toxins. No downtime.

    Ultherapy non-invasively delivers focused ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin where sweat glands are located. This energy heats the tissue to the point where the sweat glands are disabled and sweat production is halted. Because scientific research has shown that sweat glands have limited or no ability to regenerate after being disabled, the treatment is lasting.

    The Benefits of Choosing Ultherapy

    • Only 2 treatments
    • Non-invasive
    • No toxins
    • No major swelling
    • No downtime
    • Lasting results

    During the Ultherapy Procedure

    At the initial consultation, your physician will evaluate your sweat production and identify the best treatment plan for you. Preparation and treatment on the day of the procedure should take approximately 60 minutes in your physician’s office. Your practitioner will mark the underarm areas to be treated and then numb the areas by injecting a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, the practitioner will deliver focused ultrasound energy into the underarms. Two treatments, four weeks apart, are recommended for optimal results.

    After the Ultherapy Procedure

    Within a few days after the first treatment, patients notice a significant reduction in underarm sweat. Four weeks later a few days after the second treatment results are optimized and clinical trials show that sweat reduction is sustained and lasting. Clinical trial data shows an average of 73% reduction in sweat 90 days after the second treatment and 91% patient satisfaction.

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