Tooth Whitening

    Tooth Whitening

    The enamel that covers the teeth isn't impervious to stains, and the underlying tooth structure (the dentin) often yellows over time.Bleaching is an option for healthy teeth.

    if you want your teeth to be whiter, now we can do vital bleaching treatment. There are 2 technics of Vital Bleaching, Home Vital Bleaching and One Visit Bleaching.

    One Visit Vital Bleaching is the technic that Dentists will do all the process for the patients. The treatment begin with dentists will record the original color,then use the Cheek retractor and tongue guard and apply light cure Gum Dam to the surrounding gum line. The dentist will apply high power bleaching gel and special Blue light for 3 sessions of 8 minute. Then take the Gum Dam Lib retractor and tongue guard out to finish the treatment and shoe the new white teeth to the patients. This technic is getting more expensive but very convenient because everything is done by dentists the patients just sit back and dentists will do all the treatment and end up with shiny white teeth within an hour.

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