Fat transfer

    Fat transfer are commonly apply to

    • penile enlargement
    • buttock enlargement
    • cheeks enlargement
    • labia enlargement
    • breasts enlargement
    • hands fat atrophy

    Fat that we use in the transferring process is from liposuction. We can take the fat from your thighs or other parts of your body where we see that fat is readily available.

    After the liposuction we then transferred it to other areas of your body.

    Fat transfer also has many benefits that other cosmetic surgery procedure can’t compete.

    • Short recovery time
    • Minimal risk
    • Treats all skin types
    • Have long lasting results
    • Cost effective when combined with another procedure
    • No chance of an allergic reaction

    Not every part of the patients’ body can responds well to fat transfer. The best thing is to evaluate the skin of the patients and its condition before starting this procedure.

    When you decide to get a fat transfer, it is recommend that you stop taking any medications or get a consultation from your doctor before applying this cosmetic surgery.

    To get the best result of fat transfer, you need to do the computer image for your body to see the different between before and after. If you have a chance to see the different before getting things done then you are likely to get the result that you want.

    Price:$1,200 USD

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