Mustache & Side Burn

    What do beard, moustache and sideburn transplantation mean?

    Beard transplantation consists of the dermal extraction of hair follicles –which are genetically resistant to thinning- located on the posterior scalp between the ears, and the dermal transplantation of these follicles on the site where you want beard hairs to grow. The transplanted hair follicles do not fall off, and the result is permanent.

    Who can have a beard or moustache transplantation?

    In addition to men who do not have any beard at all, those men who have patches of non-hairy parts on the beard and moustache regions or who have a scattered beard can have a beard transplantation operation.

    In addition to them, beard transplantation can also be performed with those men who have scars on their face as a result of pimples, burns or incisions, for the purpose of hiding these scars from view.

    Those men who like the appearance of a stubbly beard and want to grow their sideburns but who have a scattered and sparse beard often undergo a beard transplantation operation, too.

    Beard and moustache transplantation can also be performed without experiencing any beard loss for the purpose of modifying the pattern of the beard and moustache.

    Can everybody have a beard-moustache transplantation operation?

    Any single person who has hair follicles on the posterior scalp between the ears can have a beard-moustache transplantation operation.

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